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Director’s Cut: Violet Evergarden and Finishing Series

This month’s schedule You already got: Beyond the Boundary You will get (In order): Violet Evergarden (Updated) Horimiya In/Spectre Beyond being super pumped for my normal injection of romance, the obvious standout this month is Violet Evergarden. I apologize to anyone who was pumped for Wonder Egg Priority, but I thought that the show wouldContinue reading “Director’s Cut: Violet Evergarden and Finishing Series”

Beyond the Boundary

*Beyond the Boundary consists of the 12 episode show, two movies, a prequel bundled with the Blu-ray (Beyond the Boundary Daybreak), and an idol themed spinoff. Both movies are called Beyond the Boundary Movie -I’LL BE HERE-. The first movie is a summary of the show and the second depicts time after the show. IContinue reading “Beyond the Boundary”

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Morioka Moriko has forsaken her corporate lifestyle and taken a dive into the Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Role Playing Game world. Her male character, Hayashi, joins a guild with a beautiful character named Lily. Together, Hayashi and Lily learn about each other, tackle dungeons, spend a little too much money on loot boxes, and… fallContinue reading “Recovery of an MMO Junkie”

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