Rental Girlfriend and Parasytes

Welcome to the first director’s cut. These posts are the, “Marshal wants to post something other than a movie or show review posts.” These could include posting schedules, takes that I think are hotter than they are, or real life things that get in the way of consuming anime.

First off, I am moving soon! I got an apartment with a friend of mine in the city. The good part, we will live with two of our other friends who we watch anime with. We call ourselves the Lotad Gang and we all have matching shirts with a Lotad on the front. Negatives, I have to move myself from where I am now to there. This will slow down my anime consumption for at least four days.

Now for the schedule you can expect!

In the next month
  • Parasyte Review

I have already deleted two drafts of this review. My knack for wanting to rewrite something one hundred times is depriving you of content. You should be angry 😤.

In the near future (hopefully also this month)
  • Rent-A-Girlfriend review
  • A guest writer!

I am absolutely giddy about Rent-A-Girlfriend. I watched four episodes and laughed the whole time. I stopped though, because I am nice like that. I could hear you all in the back of my mind, “Marshal, you loved a show and didn’t tell us or rate it? Begone with you, for you have broken the sacred anime trust.” Yes, you might not know it but you sound like an Old Testament Gentile.

Next, is the guest writer! This friend of mine recently did a piece for Gonzo.Moe that I linked here. This man is a writer by profession who has sold his creative license to write in my style of reviews. I think you will really enjoy what he writes. It’s okay if you don’t too, just make sure to comment, “Marshal, don’t bring him back ever again we only like you.” I could understand that take too.

Side Anime!

Sometimes you just don’t bring anime home to the parents. Some anime you hide from your main anime. It’s okay. We all do it.

Right now I am watching the second season of Re:Zero. I am enjoying it so far from an even more casual standpoint that these reviews. I have no plans to review it because it is the second season and that would just be confusing. The Lotad Gang watched the first season a couple weeks ago and we liked it enough that we are watching the second season on our own paces and talking about it in our anime group chat.

That ends the first directors cut! See ya later.

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