Love is Like a Cocktail

Love is Like a Cocktail is about two things I know absolutely nothing about: love and cocktails. As a lonely wine drinker myself, Love is a Cocktail’s three minute episodes are a perfect sip size of cute, mixology, and wholesome love. 

This show is only forty to fifty minutes total, so my review will reflect this — short, sweet, and educational, just like the show.


Chisato Mizusawa

Chisato, also affectionately referred to as “Chi-chan”, really steals the whole show. Chisato works in the marketing department of some random office. When work ends, nothing stops her from letting her hair down, taking off her glasses, and swooning over a drink and her husband. This hard working and timid woman puts in her all every day so she can come home to her husband and eat great food and get completely plastered… from one drink. Nothing is cuter than it only taking one drink to put her over the edge, even if it’s non-alcoholic…

Sora Mizusawa

Sora is the smartest man in the anime universe. Sora is some kind of part time bartender who gets his super hot wife to achieve immeasurable levels of cuteness just by making a mixed drink for her. This man has a hard working and loving wife just one drink away so what does he go? He keeps the woman liquored up every chance he gets and allows the love and affection to flow his way by simply enabling her alcoholism. 

To be clear, the characters are in no way deep. The characters just make me really happy. 3/6


While I enjoyed the show, the emotion was pretty monochromic. Think about how you feel when you watch a cute puppy do cute puppy things, this is what you feel during the show. So if you hate puppies don’t watch this show. Not to say that this feeling is bad, but it lacks a certain depth I need in a show. Fun show, not deep. 2/6


Anime is rarely educational. Love is Like a Cocktail shows you what great love and what great mixed drinks look like. Never made a mixed drink in your life? After this show you will have sixteen brand new drinks! From Irish Coffee to a Plum Splet, you can impress your friends with your newly limited knowledge of anime drinks so when your friends ask how you learned them you can lie and say you read an article. Make sure to laugh awkwardly when they say they love them!

I mentioned before that this anime is short, like Dachshund short. Episodes average three minutes long and this really limits what can be done. The reason I like this is because it forces the writers and animators to do so much more with so little. This anime is the TikTok of anime and it’s a refreshing departure from the standard 23 minute episode where Crunchroll gets three adrolls out of me. 

Overall, this was a breath of fresh air. I want it to be known that I sat here for ten minutes trying to make the previous sentence a pun that included the Orange Breeze cocktail but could not. In lieu of a good pun, here is the rating. 3/6 


How can you complain about pacing in a show with three minute episodes? The show could not be slow even if it tried. The relationship between Chisato and Sora is delivered to the viewer with next day shipping and we get to open the box. But it’s Amazon and we don’t like them. 3/4


No complaints here. Is the animation top tier? No. Is the animation good? You bet. The show was bright and fun and the animation reflected that. With drinks being the main focus of the show, the drinks stole the visual spotlight. The Frozen Mango drink was a favorite of mine because it was one of the few drinks with texture. 3/4

The World 

The world is scoped to the length of the episodes. We see Chisato’s place of work, her home, and the bar where Sora works. Yet what we do see is fairly detailed elements of the world. The marketing concoction that Chisato created is prevalent throughout the show. Each room in the house feels like a new setting. Key places are revisited and the world feels lively and fun. 2/3


I did a rare thing. I rewatched the anime I was rating. I had to do this because I couldn’t remember a single note played in the entire show. Not one. So I rewatched the show and turned it all the way up. Between the yelling of the characters I got subtle notes of elevator and jazz. The music was fun! I liked it a lot but I really struggled to hear it. Matching music to the mood is something I struggle to do when I make videos or think about anime I am writing so I really applaud their selection, just… turn it up a little. 2/3

CategoryPoints GivenPoints Possible
I am interested in the characters in the story36
I liked the emotion the story made me feel26
The story brings up interesting ideas36
I felt the pacing of the show was appropriate34
The animation in the show is beautiful34
I am interested in the world that the story takes place in23
I felt that the music added to the story in a meaningful way23
Overall Score


Bite sized. Cute. Short. This anime is a great palate cleanser, lunch time break, or mindless watch. Recommended on a rainy day or when you want to remember you haven’t touched a lover in years. 👍

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