Camping and Thanksgiving

Greetings, fellow casuals. I hope all is well. I am currently work-from-home and desperately trying to mop up the brain matter that has leaked out of my head in the past three weeks. All while creating and retaining as much anime content as possible. 

But we had Thanksgiving since we last had a Director’s Cut! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope that you ate too much food, fell asleep, and played card games with family. That is pretty much what I did but add in some quality time with my dogs. I spent the day with my mom and my brother just hanging out and it was the catalyst I needed to spend more time with my family and friends. The Lotad Gang (my anime group) met the next day. I miraculously had “no work” left to do that day and cooked up an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Transition into Saturday, I had an Among Us lobby setup with some of my closest friends and my brother, viciously lying and murdering each other in the holiday spirit. Such a fun time. 

Blog Updates: 

Last month I talked about a facelift for the blog. I still want to do that, and I have already worked on that a bit. Colors have been chosen, spacing has been measured, and fonts have been sweat over. But it is not ready yet, so be patient. 

I’ve already made some small changes towards that goal. The front-page Chika had some issues with the editing I did, the framing of her in that little window was off, and I changed something else I can’t remember. 

I also made social media accounts! I told you this before but, being a small brained individual, did not link you to any accounts! How silly of me.




If you don’t follow me, I can only conclude one of three things.

  1. You hate me
  2. You live under a rock
  3. You find your timeline perfectly acceptable as it is.

All of these things are okay. 

This month

You already got:

You will get (In order):

  • Laid Back Camp
  • In This Corner of the World

I am currently finished with Laid Back Camp (loved it by the way) but have spent about an hour looking at the document trying to come up with funny things to say. We will get there. 

I expect the Laid Back Camp review to come out next Thursday. 

Next Month (In order)

  • Darling in the Franxx
  • A Place Further Than the Universe
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero

Side Anime!

“Marshal, did you finish Shiro-bako?”

No… I didn’t. The Lotad Gang is slow at watching anime, okay? I don’t ever remember what episode we are on, regardless of how many times they ask me what we watched last. 

Off a recommendation from a Lotad Gang member, I binged all the Legend of Korra the past weekend. I wasn’t a huge fan of Avatar so I was hesitant to start Korra. Yet here I was sitting at my desk for hours and hours just engulfed in this show. I don’t know how you guys talk about anime with friends, but I love texting my reactions live to my group chat. It’s so fun to message my theories and get ominous responses when I am the only one behind. This was just a chilled out watch so don’t expect a review or anything. 

My goal is to keep watching anime that I don’t review for you guys. I can understand why that would be frustrating or disappointing to you guys, but I do this because I enjoy anime, but don’t enjoy the culture around it. I’ve always reviewed anime; I just didn’t publish my thoughts anywhere. I take a lot of time to write these reviews, I think a lot about my reviews, and I ask a lot of questions about what could make my blog better. It’s nice to watch some anime that I can lay back a little more and enjoy without using my critical eye. 

But for the final scene, I want you guys to get more involved. Follow me on the socials, comment on posts, send me feedback on my contact page. I want to know what you guys want. 

So, let me know how your Thanksgiving was and what anime you are watching now in the comments. If you follow me and you don’t really watch anime, but you might in the future, just let me know how your Thanksgiving was. You should expect me to comment or follow you if you interact with my posts.

For now, review up next Thursday and… cut!

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