First Takes and Politics on Titan

This month’s schedule

You already got:

You will get (In order):

  • Recovery of an MMO Junkie

We had quite the month since the last Director’s Cut. Between the Love is Hard for Otaku TikTok blowing up, really enjoying shows like Bunny Girl, Orange, and Love is Hard for Otaku, and some reason positive comments, I felt really good about the month. Now, more than even, I am excited to write about and watch anime. 

Next Month’s Schedule (In order)

  • Beyond the Boundary
  • Director’s Cut (Our Monthly Check-ins like this)
  • Wonder Egg Priority
  • Horimiya
  • In/Spectre

Holy. Cow. I am more excited for this month than any other month before it. Not only are we going to watch two shows that are close to the end of their release window (Wonder Egg Priority and Horimiya) but we are also watching two shows I have been excited about for a while. Beyond the Boundary looks like a beautifully animated show and I refuse to be disappointed in the animation even if the plot lacks. I have seen SOME spoilers for Horimiya because people can’t go three seconds of a show release without posting a video with no spoiler alerts, but Sarah has told me I will enjoy the show and you should all know by now I am a sucker for romance.

Other Updates

So I want to try something new. For anyone who has been following my Instagram and my TikTok, I post roughly twice a week. I have been able to do this because those accounts have been running a much shorter time than this blog. So I have a backlog of content I can bring to you guys, but that isn’t sustainable. I cannot easily work a full time job, coach a team, and spend time with my friends, all while finishing two series/movies a week AND creating all the content for them. So I want to introduce a series called “First Take.” I will watch a single episode, then discuss the plot and surprises in the show so far. I thought this would be a fun way to do a couple things:

  1. Help get us excited for the show! 

I hope you guys look forward to the reviews like I look forward to writing them, so a little anticipation hopefully stokes some passion in people regardless if they have watched the show before. Maybe it even inspires people to watch the show with me!

  1. Give me space to be hilariously wrong.

Not all first episodes are good. Sometimes I watch episode one and think to myself, why did I pick this again? Yet, sometimes episode one is really good. I liked episode one of Fire Force, I really didn’t like the show. So lets be wrong. It could be fun.

The graphics for Instagram are already created and will be ready for Recovery of an MMO Junkie next week and the TikTok should not be far behind! I hope you guys like the new posts so make sure to let me know what you think over on Instagram and TikTok.

Side Anime!

I feel weird saying this, but Attack on Titan has felt so underwhelming this season. I get that they are setting up for something big, I get that they are showing how Gabi is like Eren. But where is the action? We have been given three seasons and the beginning of the fourth full of action, but for some reason after we skipped years into the future we have a mostly political game. I don’t feel like I am learning enough to keep me engaged, I just feel left in the dark. So I hope that they can do something soon before I just stop caring all together. 

Now for our regular check in with the quintuplets. I am all aboard the Nino train. I know what Sarah gives me shit for liking “toxic” girls like Nino, but there is something so attractive about a partner who is heavily invested in you. Is she overly invested and potentially socially controlling? A small price to pay for affection. We now know that Ichika is a freaking snake but somehow this only spices the show up even more. Yotsuba is getting in on the competition and getting some more show time which is awesome. I am rooting for Nino and Yotsuba, in order. The season is almost over so we shall see how it all turns out, I certainly don’t see a third season of the show coming.

Holy cow was Re:Zero amazing this week. Incredible fight scenes, finally going somewhere with the story. Everything that I have asked for is coming to fruition and I am excited about it.

Last but not least, Laid Back Camp is what it always is: relaxing, cute, and calm. Not much to say on this front other than I am excited Nadeshiko is taking the forefront this season.

So overall, another solid month! I looked yesterday and saw that I have gone ten weeks with consistent posts. It might seem stupid to mention this but I really value consistently producing these reviews and having a streak of ten weeks is very pleasing to see on my WordPress statistics. 

For now, the next review is up next Thursday… cut!

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