Director’s Cut: Violet Evergarden and Finishing Series

This month’s schedule

You already got:

You will get (In order):

  • Violet Evergarden (Updated)
  • Horimiya
  • In/Spectre

Beyond being super pumped for my normal injection of romance, the obvious standout this month is Violet Evergarden. I apologize to anyone who was pumped for Wonder Egg Priority, but I thought that the show would be finished. The show was planned to be done this month, just in time for the date I set to review it. Yet, here we are, with the final episode pushed back almost two months. Because I would be reviewing twelve episodes of a thirteen episode show, I decided to push it back. As penance, I have replaced it with Violet Evergarden! I already watched Violet Evergarden over a year ago and thought it was okay story wise. At this point I am already four episodes in and it has had a greater effect on me the second time. 

So why Violet Evergarden? I really didn’t plan to revisit the show. Yet, you guys have been so persistent in the TikTok comments. Violet Evergarden has been asked for on, at least, four different TikToks and the comments asking for it gets tons of likes. In response, I have given you what you want.

Next Month’s Schedule (In order)

  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
  • Akame Ga Kill!
  • Director’s Cut (Our Monthly Check-ins like this)
  • Erased

In the spirit of giving people what they want, I picked all of these shows from the requests I have gotten on TikTok. Now, I can understand at this point if you are looking upon me with a giant smile on your face while thinking, “Wow, Marshal cares about us so much.” Yes and no. I won’t stand here and act like I would watch just ANYTHING you recommend to me because if an anime looks just beyond terrible, I don’t want to watch that. That aside, you have recommended some good anime! Not that I really know yet because I haven’t watched it… but they got the stamp of approval by the Lotad Gang! Nice work.

Other Updates

I just got back from vacation! I rarely take days off but holy cow do I get tired of working. So my brother, my dad, and I packed up the truck. We drove ourselves down to Ohio to hang out with my Aunt and Uncle for a night. Then we drove all the way down to North Carolina to spend the Easter weekend with my dad’s youngest brother. It was a load of fun! We spent most of our time either practicing my brother’s baseball skills, biking (I rollerbladed), or on the disc golf course. I would be lying if I said that my baseball skills or my disc throwing was up to my normal standard, but it was a good time anyways. I do not see that side of the family often, given they live eleven hours away, and it was good to reconnect and see what is going on in their lives. The only bad part of the trip was that I had to help my Uncle get ready to put his dog down. She had two huge tumors and was struggling to walk most of the weekend so we had to make preparations for her to go to sleep. 

Side Anime!

All the anime I was watching has ended so this will be a speed round. Attack on Titan left us on a cliffhanger and promised action for the first time pretty much all season. Quintessential Quintuplets left us on a cliffhanger (shocker) and feels really dragged out. Too much Miku and not enough literally anything else. Re:Zero concluded for the season and honestly I have no idea where the story will go from here because we beat everyone we were trying to beat…right?

Something more important is happening though. Nick Mo., editor extraordinaire, is finding anime he likes. This is an exciting time people. He approached me wanting to watch Heaven’s Design team and I naturally accepted immediately. Heaven’s Design team is super fun. I may review it, I may not review it. The story is broken up in skit format where a crew of design angels named after the planets create animals, educate the audience about them, and crack jokes. It is a super fun anime and feels in the realm of Love is Like a Cocktail for reasons I cannot really describe. 

Now, for the main course. This weekend, Randy, Lucas, and I are going to binge all three Fate: Heaven’s Feel movies. The charcuterie board is coming out. The Empress Gin is coming out. The nerds have assembled and we are as excited as can be. Randy and I have watched the first two movies of the trilogy, but with the third movie coming out and Luke catching up on Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Bladeworks, we decided to start from the beginning and rope Luke into the party. Expect to hear much about that next Director’s Cut!

For now, the next review is up next Thursday… cut!

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