Director’s Cut: August, Bop or Drop, and SNAFU

This month’s schedule

You already got:

You will get (In order):

  • Love, Chunibyo, and other Delusions
  • School Live
  • Anohana

Next Month’s Schedule (In order)

  • Penguin Highway
  • Director’s Cut (Our Monthly Check-ins like this)
  • My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
  • Josee, the Tiger and the Fish
  • Wonder Egg Priority

I can not express how excited I am for these two months. While admittedly, Ride Your Wave was not my favorite, it was a great summer anime. So how do we follow that up? With delusions? And idols? And… I’m not sure, all Anohana makes me think of is Hawaii. I have heard more and more about the love that people have for Anohana and it only makes me impatient to watch it. I have stayed spoiler free but my expectations are rising!

Now, I’m sure many people will be excited for August. Penguin Highway looks like a wacky “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”-esque show and I just want something happy to watch. This was one of two movies that I added to start hitting more anime movies and I’m sure that the Lotad Gang will have a blast watching this. The hit of the month, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, is going to be great. Almost two years ago I watched season one, early on in my anime journey. I had thought I watched season two as well but I was told that we did not, so there will be lots of new anime for me. Josee is a movie I couldn’t wait for. I watched it this past weekend with Randy and I’ll spoil it a bit, it is good. It’s a really good movie.And last but not least, now that the final episode of Wonder Egg Priority is out, we can do a review! The show is surrounded by a lot of controversy, around how the studio treated its employees, which is very unfortunate, but I really hope that the show is good and all the people who were part of the project are safe and healthy. 

Other Updates

We premiered “Bop or Drop” this week! Nick Mo. Editor Extraordinaire reviewed the discography of Made in Abyss, Megalobox, and Carol and Tuesday. I really like this series because I never feel versed enough in music to speak on it intelligently. So what do I do? I have people smarter than me talk about it. Win-win-win. 

We went undefeated in kickball. It was no big deal. Easy clap of the last team and we were off to the bar to celebrate with some loaded fries. Later this summer we will start participating in a flag football league. I would have rather played beach volleyball but it filled up so fast that I could not. Maybe next time. 

I went to Iceland! Randy and I planned a four day trip that was amazing. We spent almost the whole time outside hiking, looking at crater lakes, walking on the black beaches, and taking drone photos of the glaciers. It was an amazing trip and I posted some of my favorite photos in the discord. I will say though, traditional Icelandic food is terrible and I never want to eat it again. 

Side Anime!

Don’t Toy with me, Miss Nagatoro, 86 Eighty-Six, and Osamake: Romcom where the Childhood friend won’t Lose all ended. I ended up quite satisfied with Nagatoro, happy about Eighty-Six, and relieved with Osamake. I am excited for the first two to get sequel seasons and for Osamake to never show up on my screen ever again. This was my first experience in an anime season where I attempted to keep up with multiple currently airing shows and it went alright. I mostly used the shows to fill my downtime on weekends and to give myself a break from the shows I binge for reviews. Would I do it again? I am not sure. There are not any shows that I feel the need to watch this season so if I am missing something you guys should let me know ASAP. 

I also recently finished I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level. It has such a ridiculous title but the show was really wholesome and just the mindless cup of tea that I needed to round out my viewing experience. I would love to see more of this show and the weird family/harem antics, where there is no romance. I know, a harem with no romance? They are more a family through harem methods where the lead just tries to live a quiet life and pretty much no one lets her. A great execution of an already overpopulated genre.

Finally, I started Megalobox. Why? Because of Bop or Drop of course. How is my good friend Nick Mo. going to say a show is a bop and I do not go watch it immediately? How could I do this to him? I simply could not, so here I am watching it. So far, I love the old aesthetic. I was talking to Randy about it and he surprised me by telling me the show was made in 2018. I noted that I thought it was from the Cowboy Bebop era (1998), but Randy said they just wanted it to feel like that. If that is the case, they certainly did a great job. The grittiness of the animation comes out really well in the simple, but interesting, plot and I’m ready for the ride. 

So now comes the search for some new anime. I think I want to watch some older anime so stay tuned for that.

For now, the next review is up next Thursday… cut!

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