Director’s Cut: October, Moving Out, and Moving On

This month’s schedule

You already got:

You will get (In order):

  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • A Whisker Away
  • Nisekoi

Next Month’s Schedule (In order)

  • Kino’s Journey: the Beautiful World
  • FLCL
  • Director’s Cut (Just like this)
  • Classroom of the Elite

I wasn’t a huge fan of Kids on the Slope. It didn’t hit the anime tastebuds that I have developed and I was left hungry. Ouran looks so wild, I have a hard time thinking I won’t enjoy it. I watched episode one with the Lotad Gang this past Tuesday and I am in for…something. The energy reminds me of some upper end London school on some sort of hyper sensual drug, so I am excited for whatever comes my way. A Whisker Away has been pushed around on the schedule a lot and I feel bad about it. This time, it’s position is set and I will watch it. I promise. Nisekoi is my monthly dose of romance. Not much to say there. Marshal needs romance of some sort. So if I can’t get it in real life, we must siphon the life energy of harem shows.

Next month is odd, mostly because I feel weird lately. I spent a long time looking at my watch list just to decide I wasn’t thrilled with any of it for reasons pretty much unique to each show. I ended up looking at every anime on MyAnimeList from 2000-2005 and found Kino somewhere in there. It looked interesting and I found that there is a 2017 remake. I don’t know if I will watch the old one, the new one, or both but I am open to options. I mentioned before that I am trying to watch more older anime and while that really isn’t that old, I am at least not going back on my word. Plus I get to see more data on my giant excel sheet of anime. FLCL also has an old version along with the updated ones currently on Crunchyroll. They are so short though that I might as well watch the old, the new, and the FLCL Alternate. It is only 18 episodes after all. Finally, I decided between Classroom of the Elite and Assassination Classroom by asking people in my discord to choose the number one or two without knowing the results. Thanks, Urie. So as intentional as I try to be about most things, sometimes I like to not think. So that is that. It should be an interesting month!

Other Updates

I know my on time publication rate is… spotty…at best. But there has been a reason for it lately. I have been interviewing for a new job! My old job pays fine but I basically work alone, the company slashed my benefits, and I just feel like I make no impact on anything. Two of the jobs I am interviewing for are basically the same web developer position I do now, but pay more and have a bigger team. The third is completely unrelated and with a custom home builder. Either way, I will not be at my current job for much longer and these interviews have taken a lot of time. One job has had me go through four rounds of interviews. Which is nuts to me because I can understand two. Three was annoying but fine. Four just feels like complete overkill. What else could you possibly squeeze from me in that fourth interview that you didn’t get from the other three? Regardless, this is very stressful for me. I am twenty-four already so making a misstep in my career feels more drastic than it likely is. I just want to be happy.

If job interviews were not stressful enough, I am moving apartments as well! This apartment has done me well for the past thirteen months, but it is time to leave. They increased the price and I figured I could find another place. The new place has a larger living room and enough space to entertain people. Which is a passion of mine. Before COVID hit, I hosted parties at my grandparents house bi-weekly. We played board and card games. I usually cooked appetizers for people and on occasion people would stay the night. That was very fun for me. I love waking up and my friends being right there. I normally convinced them to stay for breakfast and got a couple more hours of social time out of that. Hopefully, with all my friends vaccinated, we can start those parties again. 

My RCIA classes start again. I get to learn to be a good Catholic. I am trying to be more involved in the church so along with this, I joined a book club. Right now we are reading Four Loves by C. S. Lewis. So if for some reason you are a fellow Catholic and like to read, I think you should read that. The first two sections, or ~40 pages, are pretty dull, but it gets much better and it’s only around 140 pages in total. I had hoped to meet more people my age but the people there did not seem like they were into making friends. Perhaps they just need a bit more time to warm up. I will impress them with my review skills and bask in the glory of friendship that it brings me. 

Side Anime!

I have been eyeing My Love Story for a while now. I watched a couple episodes and didn’t really like it. It is pretty formulaic and the characters aren’t unique in many ways. I thought I would stick it out until the end of the show but I saw that it was twenty four episodes so I just dropped it around episode eight. You can pass on this but it is a pretty head empty happy show. So if you need one of those, maybe you would like it.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway has been on Randy’s watch list for a long time. The movie only recently came out but he has been watching hundreds of episodes of various Gundam shows in anticipation for this premier. I just read the cliff notes and listened to Randy explain how everyone is actually a jedi if they spend enough time in space. I really enjoyed this movie. I had hoped that there would be more mech fights but I know how hard all of that was to animate. This is one of three movies that will be released to tell the story of Hathaway’s Flash, so I am looking forward to seeing the other two movies in the coming years. 

Randy and I, in our attempt to consume amazing anime, decided to watch Perfect Blue. I cannot accurately describe how great this movie was. It was a Shutter Island-esque psychological thriller about a young idol who wants to become an actress. The animation is older, but still fantastic at conveying the emotion and done so well. Randy and I decided that if it was to get reviewed it would likely get a 30/32 so make sure to add this one to your list if you like the more adult rated anime. There is so much suspense that it feels like you are the one losing it.

Our final side anime was one we watched during my discord’s watch party, Maquia. Maquia has been on my watch list forever. I saw ads for it on other shows I watched and heard good things all over. So when I put it up to vote and it tied with Toradora!, I made sure to give it the extra vote. Best decision I’ve made in a while. Maquia has almost no romance, but instead focuses on motherly love. The entire call was crying by the end of the movie and it was awesome to hear what people’s thoughts were, both having watched it before and those who never had. The world is full of legends and other myths but the material is so personal and relatable that it hardly feels that way. 

For now, the next review is up next Thursday… cut!

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