Director’s Cut: November, Star Wars Visions, and Komi Can’t Communicate

This month’s schedule

You already got:

You will get (In order):

  • FLCL
  • Classroom of the Elite 

Next Month’s Schedule (In order)

  • Star Wars: Visions
  • Odd Taxi
  • Director’s Cut (Just like this)
  • March Comes in like a Lion

I’m behind this month. So we have only published Kino’s review and are sorely missing FLCL, which is on the way. Kino was certainly an anime that made me conflicted. On one hand there were incredible observations and thoughts about the world and an ambiance unlike any previous reviews, but on the other there were few characters worth investing in and a pacing that made no attempt to build into anything bigger. But you already read the review so I don’t need to reiterate myself. Without spoiling too much, FLCL is fantastic. It’s witty, off the wall, and deeper than any six episode show should ever be. It was a wild watch and I hope the review does it the justice it deserves. Classroom of the Elite just wasn’t done. It clearly had other seasons that it anticipated having but… never got. That will be a central part of that review and I am sure continues to be a disappointment for fans of the show. 

Next month has two shows picked by my discord and Star Wars Visions, because that flopped and I want to explain why. No, it’s not unbiased. Nothing I write is. I can only hope that my discord members picked solid enough picks to counteract my dislike for Visions. Maybe it’s a spoiler to put my position out there already, but if you follow me on Twitter you likely already saw my primer thread on the series. I never like walking into a review knowing the scores I would give and I never look for a bad review. However, I was really excited for the series and it let me down. I want to write about why. 

Other Updates

Life is still life. Still looking for jobs. Still dealing with feeling down more days than not. Still writing very slowly. I am fully moved into my new place, but I’m not convinced I have the best setup. Right now my room has no windows, which is great for vampires but, sadly this does not work for me. I am considering transferring my desk setup to the living room where there is more life and more sunlight. I think this will keep me happier and keep up the writing output. I have had some exciting ideas for writing lately, which I want to fuel me for more than my reviews, but for my personal stories as well. Someday I’ll show you guys those as well. Someday when they are good. 

Side Anime!

Eighty-Six 86 is back and Lena is badder than ever! I’m only a couple episodes into the new season but I can’t believe how much I missed this cast. The themes of nations and war are well done and the imagery is top tier. Granted, Lena is not getting as much air time as I had hoped she would…but it will happen. This show is one that Randy and I watch on our own time and then randomly text each other a sly message asking if the other watched it before we fanboy about the episode. Personally, it makes me all the more excited to have someone who is following the show along with you. It makes each week a social event instead of just a long wait before you enjoy the show. While I still find it hard to wait, it certainly does make the waiting more worthwhile. 

Cowboy Bebop truly is a new genre of anime. I spent most of last weekend binging the whole thing. I texted Nick that the show is, “like a symphony of the past, present, future, and gunpowder.” It is the kind of show that makes me very unwilling to cut older shows any slack. Because if a show from 1998 can be this good in voice acting, animation, and story, then others can too. Right? Surely works like this are not so standalone that they truly surpass the limits of what others are able to do. If you haven’t watched Cowboy Bebop, what are you doing? It’s been out for 23 years. It’s almost as old as I am. 

Komi can’t Communicate is the premier show I am looking forward to this season. One episode is out on Netflix and it is a discord emote heaven. Komi is super cute and incredibly expressive for someone who doesn’t really talk. Our main character (whose name I can’t remember) is pure and the perfect comedy duo. The whole show is about a girl with incredible social anxiety who wants to make one hundred friends. It is the most wholesome and positive show I have watched in a while. I had a smile on my face the whole episode and am only more excited for the show after an episode than I was before I started. Somehow I got Randy to watch this one as well but we really haven’t discussed this one. Because the nature of the show removes a lot of dialog, I hope that I can get some interesting thoughts out of it. I think that is really has some unique elements that deserve some attention. When I approach this show I feel like we will get something like the comedic version of a Silent Voice and can’t wait for the next episode.

For now, the next review is up next Thursday… cut!

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