Armchair Anime Annual Score Shift

Welcome the first Armchair Anime Annual Score Shift! This SHOULD have been in December but it wasn’t, so we are looking back on 2021’s scores with a little more context in mind. Each year that I am posting reviews I will be making sure I feel 100% with my reviews. It might seem odd that I go back and check these but lots of things happen between my reviews and whatever time it is for you. New episodes or movies can come out, I could rewatch and find a new appreciation, or I just made a bad call in the moment that didn’t age well. Let’s take a look at a quick score summary. 

Darling in the Franxx: -1 Pacing –1 World

Oh boy… I’ll start by saying that I loved this show, and still do. I got canvas art print of the show, I plan to get merchandise, and I still see it as a great show. However, it has not aged to be deserving of a score as high as I rated it. I removed one point for the pacing because the ending was….well it was really fast. Next, I removed a point from the world. Not because the world didn’t serve its  purpose, but because it would have been great with some more intentionality. I mentioned before that the barren earth went with the religious theme, but it could have looked better and been purposeful in other elements of the show.

A Lull In the Sea: -1 Emotion -1 Ideas

I have had an interesting relationship with A Lull in the Sea. I really enjoyed the show, but the more that I watch, the more I feel as if it could drop out of my top ten without any sadness. I really enjoyed the cast except for the main character, and my dislike for him really only increased since I last watched. I intend to rewatch this to make sure that the score is where it needs to be, but when I do my mental comparison, these changes are justified. 

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: +1 Emotion

Finally got around to watching the movie and now know the show and movie can’t be watched separately. Fantastic movie that picks up right where things left off and has something to add to the story. I had little faith in it, but what an addition. 

Horimiya: +1 Music

There are very few anime that make me crave something in my life. Yet, over the course of the year I have felt this incredible need to play music again, almost solely because of Horimiya. The opener of the show hooked me, but the rest of the soundtrack was completely ignored in my review. I don’t know if I was asleep or didn’t watch with headphones or what but I missed the easy three point music category. I bought a violin just so that I could learn the introduction to this show and realized that music was completely missing from my life. 

My Next Life as a Villainess: -1 Pacing, -1 Ideas

After watching the second season of My Next Life as a Villainess, it becomes clear that the show is more of the standard harem show than I originally thought. And by that I mean that, once again, nothing happens in season two of the relationship department. Some of the ideas that were hinted at in season one were explored in season two, but never really lived up to the expectations that I created in my head.  

Violet Evergarden: -1 Pacing

After doing the review, I watched the OVAs and the Violet Evergarden Movie when they became available on Netflix. There was no need for either of these stories. The special was cute and felt like it could have been an episode, but Violet’s story felt so complete in its lack of conclusion. I didn’t need to know how it ended because Violet had grown. From my point of view, what needed to be said about Violet, was said. Both Randy and I agreed that adding more screen time didn’t really help, but instead took a little away from the franchise. 

Laid Back Camp: +1 World

It has become more and more clear to me as I see more shows that Laid Back Camp had a big impact in being a national park roadtrip of sorts for Japan. I love hearing about trips planned to follow the characters, towns or businesses that have adopted themes around the show, or just the happiness that the show brings to people for being cute and wholesome. How could we not bump it up a point when the show’s world influences our own?

Rent-a-girlfriend: -1 Emotion

The more I get away from this one the more it feels a little icky. It’s just that simple. 

Short. Sweet. And to the point, or two in some cases. Now, some fun facts! My average score given is a 20.7. The true center of my scale is a 19.5 so that is pretty close to where I shoot to be! My highest average category is emotion! Surprise surprise, I find a way to make everything emotional. Final one for you is this: I have watched the most anime from 2021 with 17, but 2018 is in second place with 12!

Thank you all for reading and here is to another year!

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