Director’s Cut: Getting Back Into It

This month’s schedule

You already got:

You will get (In order):

  • Devilman Crybaby
  • March Comes In Like A Lion

Next Month’s Schedule (In order)

  • Assassination Classroom
  • Given
  • Director’s Cut (Just like this)

Unfortunately, there is not a heck of a lot to mention this month. Yamada-kun was about as meh as possible, while still being enjoyable, and I have many opinions on Devilman Crybaby that I am excited to share, but haven’t published yet. As I watch more and more shows, it feels important that there are more than just details that differentiate shows. I can confidently say that Yamada-kun is unique enough that I would remember it, if not only because of the excessive amount of snogging that happens. As my discord noted, Devilman Crybaby was quite the mood shift. We went from “happy teen story” to “humanity is falling”. Good shift? I would say so, but I can elaborate more shortly. 

Other Updates

I got a new job! It’s been a super long time since we did one of these so my job search bore fruit. Is it my dream job? No. I really want to write for a living. Is it a major pay upgrade to keep me moving up in life? It is. 

Last time we talked I was having more bad days than good. Recently I’ve been pretty neutral, which is a welcome change. It still feels like there is some fulfillment that is missing. I still hate my apartment room and it’s lack of windows. But the birds will be back soon and the sun might be up for a couple hours outside working hours, so we call that a win. Although, two friends will likely be moving away for work soon, so I am not looking forward to that.

This week I get to watch my dad’s dogs! So I will be house and dog sitting for an entire anime and writing filled week where I will not have access to my computer. Without games to distract me how could I possibly be late for another review… Regardless, Zeus and Snoop are awesome dogs and I’m excited to hang out with them. My phone will be working overtime and I’ve already found a balancing board that I will be standing on for hours each day. 

Side Anime!

My Dress Up Darling is a gem. The character movement and writing approach reminds me of Wonder Egg Priority and everything that I loved about how those characters were so human. There is something so nice about watching a show about being happy and doing what you love to do. I am not into cosplay, but when the characters put in as much time and passion as they do in their work, it’s hard not to appreciate the effort that people put in. I’m sure there is a big group of the anime community that feel very vindicated as well. Overall, my favorite show of the season, which is saying a lot given how much attention Attack On Titan and Demon Slayer are getting. 

Science Fell in Love So I Tried to Prove It sat on my watch list for so long. It’s a cute show about two “science types” who fell in love. Of course they have to run all these experiments to prove that they are in love, because it wouldn’t be much of a show if they just dated. It reminded me a lot of the skit style show that Love is Like a Cocktail was. Very cute and funny in a niche humor way. It was a quick watch that was a good little nightly watch that lasted me a little less than a week. 

Demon Slayer and Attack On Titan have had similar sentiments to me. They are both good (Attack on Titan more so for me) but I don’t get excited for each episode like I do for My Dress Up Darling. It’s always a situation where I am hanging around the house and think “Oh yeah, the Demon Slayer episode is out.” The art has been phenomenal on Demon Slayer but the story is just… it’s there. On the contrary, Attack On Titan has been story twist after twist, but the weekly format is rough. I should have just binged it. But if I did that I would have to worry about the dirty spoilers on Twitter. I enjoy them both, but I don’t make it part of my week to be excited about them before I sit down to watch them. 

For now, the next review is up next Saturday… cut!

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