Director’s Cut: August, Bop or Drop, and SNAFU

This month’s schedule You already got: Ride Your Wave You will get (In order): Love, Chunibyo, and other Delusions School Live Anohana Next Month’s Schedule (In order) Penguin Highway Director’s Cut (Our Monthly Check-ins like this) My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Josee, the Tiger and the Fish Wonder Egg Priority I can not express howContinue reading “Director’s Cut: August, Bop or Drop, and SNAFU”

July, 86 Eighty-Six, and First Takes

This month’s schedule You already got: Vinland Saga Mob Psycho 100 Yasuke You will get (In order): The Devil is a Part Timer We had quite the slide from a solid 27 points in Vinland Saga to 16 points in Yasuke. I love having Nick Mo. back for another review, but I always prefer forContinue reading “July, 86 Eighty-Six, and First Takes”

June, Yasuke, and Nagatoro

This month’s schedule You already got: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Akame Ga Kill You will get (In order): Erased We had some so-so anime this month, I won’t lie. They ended up next to each other in the ranking, scoring an 18 and 19 respectively. Apparently random TikTok comments are not the place to get myContinue reading “June, Yasuke, and Nagatoro”

Director’s Cut: Violet Evergarden and Finishing Series

This month’s schedule You already got: Beyond the Boundary You will get (In order): Violet Evergarden (Updated) Horimiya In/Spectre Beyond being super pumped for my normal injection of romance, the obvious standout this month is Violet Evergarden. I apologize to anyone who was pumped for Wonder Egg Priority, but I thought that the show wouldContinue reading “Director’s Cut: Violet Evergarden and Finishing Series”

First Takes and Politics on Titan

This month’s schedule You already got: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai  Orange You will get (In order): Recovery of an MMO Junkie We had quite the month since the last Director’s Cut. Between the Love is Hard for Otaku TikTok blowing up, really enjoying shows like Bunny Girl, Orange, and Love isContinue reading “First Takes and Politics on Titan”

Fate and Quintuplets

Greetings, fellow casuals. January has been quite the month so far. I got signed up for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) classes at my local basilica, I bricked my hard drive because I got mad and smacked my laptop (R.I.P all my Chika memes), and I watched a shit ton of anime withContinue reading “Fate and Quintuplets”

Camping and Thanksgiving

Greetings, fellow casuals. I hope all is well. I am currently work-from-home and desperately trying to mop up the brain matter that has leaked out of my head in the past three weeks. All while creating and retaining as much anime content as possible.  But we had Thanksgiving since we last had a Director’s Cut!Continue reading “Camping and Thanksgiving”

Facelifts and the Abyss

Greetings, fellow casuals. I hope that both you, and the anime you have been watching, are good. I have started to become accustomed to my new schedule and am now focusing on improving all aspects of my life, which includes the blog.  I’ve been really enjoying all the love on the blog from the likesContinue reading “Facelifts and the Abyss”

Rental Girlfriend and Parasytes

Welcome to the first director’s cut. These posts are the, “Marshal wants to post something other than a movie or show review posts.” These could include posting schedules, takes that I think are hotter than they are, or real life things that get in the way of consuming anime. First off, I am moving soon!Continue reading “Rental Girlfriend and Parasytes”