Plastic Memories

Tsukasa joins his fathers company where he is reunited with a breathtaking girl, Isla, he met a long time ago. To prove himself to his father, he is given a job at the lowest performing district as an AI retriever, taking back the robots once they reach the end of their lifespan, even if theContinue reading “Plastic Memories”

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy has been created for one reason, to sing with all her heart. When we meet Vivy, she is a young AI singing on a side street in an amusement park with big dreams of the main stage. When she is confronted by the time traveling cube with a dark message from the future, sheContinue reading “Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song”

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Akira is not your average gamer. He owns records on every leaderboard he climbs, he has forum threads and articles written about him, and he is bored with life outside of gaming. One day, a Frankenstein’s-monster-looking man hops out of a van and chases him to the verge of death. Akira is captured and forcedContinue reading “Battle Game in 5 Seconds”

Gurren Lagann

Humans have been forced underground by a tyrant king who uses Beastmen and mechs called Gunmen to rule the surface. The world is barren and the underground caverns that the humans live in are in constant threat of earthquakes caused by the Gunmen. Kamina has recruited a young digger named Simon to drill “into theContinue reading “Gurren Lagann”

Takt op. Destiny

Takt is the son of a musical prodigy that died ten years ago in an alien invasion of beings called D2s. When D2s attack Takt’s hometown he summons a “Musicart” and becomes a “Composer”, a being born from music with amazing battle powers used to fight against the aliens. When it is discovered that hisContinue reading “Takt op. Destiny”


given tells the story of a thrown together band that gets revitalized with the addition of Mafuya, their new lead singer. The lead guitarist, Ritsuka, discovers Mafuya at school and gets invigorated all over again to play and teach music once his connection with Mafuya develops and he hears him sing. Before either of themContinue reading “given”

Assassination Classroom

Two thirds of the moon has been destroyed by a yellow octopus-like alien that has demanded that he teach the 3-E class of Kunugigaoka Junior High, a prestigious school that brutally neglects its bottom class. The Japanese government has tasked the class to kill this alien, Koro-Sensei, with the prize of 30 billion yen forContinue reading “Assassination Classroom”

Devilman Crybaby

A mysterious infestation is slowly working its way through the human population. Devils have been inhabiting human bodies and have started to attack. Drugs, parties, and sexual immorality have been suspected as the cause and Ryu, a university researcher, and his lifelong friend Akira have decided to investigate. With little known about the issue orContinue reading “Devilman Crybaby”

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada is too rough around the edges to make friends at his new high school. When he falls down stairs and on top of the class brainiac, he switches bodies with her; throwing him into the world of witches. Witches who, in true anime fashion, use their powers by kissing.  Characters Ryu Yamada is notContinue reading “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches”

Odd Taxi

Odokawa is a taxi driver that has seen and heard many things. Seen and heard too much, in fact. So when the worlds involving his friends, the gangsters he gets involved with, and random people start to merge, he has to do some maneuvering to protect the people he loves and stay out of trouble.Continue reading “Odd Taxi”