The Rating Scale

7 Statements. 32 points.

Three categories absolutely crucial to any anime
Two important elements
Two categories playing a supporting role

I am interested in the characters in the story

Characters are king. No one wants to watch a show where the characters are super hot and have no depth right… right?

I liked the emotion the story made me feel

If a show didn’t leave you with emotions, why did you watch it? Not everything needs to be as funny as “Love is War” or as sad as “A Silent Voice,” but the show should leave you with something.

The story brings up interesting ideas

I like to think. A good show makes you think. This doesn’t have to be brand new ideas no one has heard of. It could be a new spin on the seven deadly sins or something that just catches my fancy.

I felt the pacing of the show was appropriate

Writers can really differentiate themselves by the pacing of their story. Viewers want to feel like the story is moving at a good click, so we use this to check up on how well the story moves.

The animation in the show is beautiful

We all like something nice to look at. If we look past the visual power of anime tiddies, is the animation well done and nice visually?

I am interested in the world that the story takes place in

From the Abyss to Tokyo, we want to be interested in the world our characters exist in. Is the world everything? No, but to ignore it would be a disservice to the story.

I felt that the music added to the story in a meaningful way

Music drives home all of the above. Think… “Your Lie in April.”

Score Breakdown

7-12 – Ultrabad, do not watch

Few redeeming qualities or incredibly niche. Time better spent watching paint dry, mowing the lawn, or drunk texting your ex.

13-19 – Showing Potential

These shows are either as deep as a pond, boring, or mostly just struggle in a major category. Pay specially attention to the recommendation for these animations.

20-26 – Good to Great

Without much nuance, you should probably watch these. Rarely will you find a production here that I DON’T recommend.

27-32 – Crème de la Crème

The pinnacle of anime. Valedictorians. Awe-inspiring. Watch before you die or have regrets.

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