The Black List

Some anime does emotional damage. Some for how sad it was, some for how bad it was.

There are just some anime that I won’t review.

This is not a negotiation.

Each one has a reason that I will not review it.

You can see the list of anime that will never be reviewed by me, ever.

The List

*Includes Movies and Shows
Yes, it is not organized. No, I won’t organize it.
Updated occasionally, non exhaustive list.

Anime never to be reviewed
  • Your Lie In April (I had a similar experience to this show, I don’t need to relive it again)
  • Love is War (Chika is best. Fuck you, Lucas)
  • Sword Art Online (Will watch again when I have a family like Kirito)
  • A Silent Voice (This movie was too beautiful and emotionally moving to see twice)
  • I want to Eat Your Pancreas (I wanted to eat my feelings after this)
  • Your Name (My favorite anime movie)
  • Anything by Studio Ghibli (They are all good stfu don’t ask me to review them)
  • KonoSuba (Aqua, put some pants on)
  • Hunter x Hunter (I just didn’t like it and don’t need the flame)
Anime never to be watched
  • Redo of Healer (Degenerate garbage that promotes rape culture. Don’t @ me)
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (I can’t get past the oddity of it all and it’s just not for me.)
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